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Federation of breton choirs
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Federation of breton choirs

Breizh Choirs Championship 2017

affiche championnat 2017

Results of the first catégory

Mouezh Bro Konk
Kanerien sant Meryn
Concarneau and Plomelin  Directed by Jean-Yves Le Ven  17,88/20  Champion of Brittany 2017
Paotred Pagan Plounéour Trez Directed by Yann-Ber Premel 17,70/20  
Kan Awen  Brest Directed by Florian Desbans 17,52/20  
Mouezh Paotred Breizh  Whole Brittany Directed by Jean-Marie Airault 17,32/20  
Hekleo Landerneau Directed by Jean-Pol Kerjean 16,72/20  
Gwalarn Uhel Ploudalmézeau Directed by Albert Le Gall 14,51/20  

The Thophy of Creation goes to Kan Awen for a work named "Truez evit ar Goulm" (Mercy for the dove) composed by Florian Desbans, on poems by Youenn Brusk.

The special mention for good quality of the text goes to Paotred Pagan, for the song "Bugelig Eusa" (Little Child of Ouessant Island), a poem by Jean-Pierre Boulic, put in breton by Yann-Ber Premel, and a music by René Abjean. 

Champion of Brittany

Second catégory : Kanerien ar Goëlo goes up in first category

In second category, the good quality was there, too, and you can tell by seeing the notes of the choirs, so close : 

Kanerien ar Goëlo   St Quay Portrieux   Directed by Louise Izem   16,23/20  Champion of second category 2017
Kanerien Bro Lokorn   Locronan  Directed by Martine Le Samedy   15,75/20   
Mouez Rosko  Roscoff  Directed by Rose-Marie Josien  15,72/20   

The Creation Price goes to Kanerien Bro Lokorn, for the song "Ma gwezenn kaer" lyrics by Pierre Plougonven, music by Martine Le Samedy.
Whith a note above 16/20, Kanerien ar Goëlo is allowed to take part in fisrt category next year. 

Third category : good quality level

The good quality of the performances provided by Les Choralines-Korholen (Guérande country), Kan ar Vro (Nantes), Anna Vreizh (Nantes), Aber al Liger (St Nazaire), Orvez (Orvault) has been pointed out by the members of the jury, as well as the step forward made by Kan Izel Vor. 

Kanomp Breizh's Calendar 2017

09/08/2017 Concert of Brittany's Choir
 Interceltic Festival, Lorient
                   St Louis Church

 07/10/2017 Kanañ e brezhoneg North

                       Vocal work and breton language
                       Landivisiau 10am - 5pm

14/07/2017 Kanañ e brezhoneg South
                       Vocal work and breton language
                       Auray 10am - 5pm

03/12/2017 36th Breizh a Gan
                      Sainte-Anne d'Auray



Brittany's Choir
will be singing during the Interceltic Festival of Lorient
on 9th of august
at St Louis' Church
at 9pm

The 110 singer's choir, accompagnied by 9 musicians will sing once again the main work by Job an Irien and René Abjean,
cantata Ar Marh Dall.

First part of the concert by Mouezh Paotred Breizh (the male choir of Brittany) singing songs from Brittany and Wales. 

By your tickets on the festival's website:
Festival Interceltique