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Federation of breton choirs
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Federation of breton choirs

New ! A glossary for the singers

Front page of the glossarySOON TO COME !
This small pocket-book (size 10x15cm), will easily take place in every choir member's bag, as well as in every choir master's or musician's who would aim at introducing more breton laguage in their group's life. The vocabulary gathered by Alan Hervé and Jean-Pierre Thomin is all about the music, the body, these words being used when warming up of the voices, and a choir's life or the concerts. A very convenient and simple toll is created, and it's specially designed for breton choirs. Twi-language book,  breton / french. To be publishd in june 2018. Pre-sale price 7€ , 9€ after publishing. To purchase the book, please load the voucher

Peder Vouezh : a new score book

Kanomp Breizh is happy to let you know that its second score book is now published. 

This score book gathers 40 scores by the composer and choir director several times rewarded by the Creation Trophy at the Brittany choirs Championship. The traditionnal tunes would be sometimes popular songs brought to hits by Alan Stivell, or parts of the show  BALAVEN. As an echo to those danses, you would find pach pi, andro, valses, polkas, and marches. The scores compozed by Jean-Yves Le Ven himself  come from NEVEZADUR. Those creations on poems by Anjela Duval, might be played separalty whithout damage the understanding of the poems. Three songs by Youenn Gwernig complete a programm closed by Sant Kaourintin, patron Kerne

recueil Peder Vouezh

Available for 27€
Please send the purchase order back at the adress: Kanomp Breizh cz/ JP Thomin, 20 allée des Camélias, 29800 Landerneau, whith your check. 

Scheduled events for 2018

2018/03/24  General meeting
                    Quintin (22)

2018/05/20  Breton Choirs' Championship
                    2nd & 3rd category
                    St Thomas church, Landerneau
                    Followed by a singing meal
                    open to the public
                    in the Family Hall

2018/07/15  Breton Choirs' Championship
                    First category
                      St Thomas church, Landerneau
                    Followed by a singing meal
                    open to the public
                     under festival Kann al Loar's tent

2018/10/06  Kanañ e Brezhoneg Bro Leon
                    Vocal and linguistic training

2018/10/13  Kanañ e Brezhoneg Bro Gwened
                    Vocal and linguistic training

2018/12/02  37th Breizh a Gan 




will be welcoming male choir Appogiatures from Carquefou
in church St François of the Guelmeur, Brest,
on february, saturday 17th, at 8.30pm.
Free entrance, free participation.

poster Ste Bernadette



Choir Anna Vreizh will welcome the choir 
A travers chants, for a joint concert in Brittany hall
(23 street Villebois Mareuil, Nantes)
on sunday march 18th, at 3pm.
Tickets for 5€.
More informations on : 

poster concert Anna Vreizh