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Breton singing choirs championship and Creation Trophy

Each year the championship nominates the Champion of Brittany of the choirs. The competition is opened to all the choirs, mixed, male or female choirs, members of  Kanomp Breizh or not, from Brittany or from the whole world. From 2005 it occures every year in Landerneau (29) during festival Kann al Loar.
To take part in this competition, one just has to :  sing in Breton from 10 to 15 minutes  ( either one work, or several songs, traditional songs harmonized for choir or contemporary songs).
The champion receives a price in money.

They have been Champions since the foundation of the championship :

Kanerien Sant Karanteg (twice in 2005 and 2006)
Mouezh Paotred Breizh (six times, in 2008, 2012, 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019)
Kanerion An Oriant (2009)
Allah's Kanañ (twice in 2010 and 2011)
Mouezh Bro Konk - Kanerien sant Meryn ( three times in 2013, 2014 and 2017)

  one of the choirs  of Kanomp Breizh Kanerion an Oriant

Moreover, the championship is also a mean for Kanomp Breizh to promote creation in breton language. Some composers still write music on breton poems, and it's one of our duties to let their works be known by the largest public. That's why Kanomp Breizh has asked a breton artist, Yann Olier, to create a wooden sculpture which is now given every year from a choir to another, following the creations in breton laguages presented for the first time during the championship.  


our Throphy of the Creation

 They won the Creation's Trophy since its foundation :


  • Mouezh Bro Konk – Kanerien Sant Meryn, directed by Jean-Yves Le Ven, in 2008, for the oratorio « Izild a Vreizh » from Jean-Yves Le Ven and Jeva Omnès

  • Kanerion An Oriant, directed by Marianne Lesavre, in 2009,  for « Euredenn e Bro Gwened – La Noce Vannetaise 

  • Allah's Kanañ in 2011 for  " Blaz ar c'henavo" from Perynn Bleunven

  • Kan Awen, directed by Florian Desbans, in 2012, for "Hor C'hanaouenn" from Florian Desbans

  • Mouezh Paotred Breizh,directed by Jean-Marie Airault, in 2013, for "Kan Glaz ar Sklerijenn" from Jean-Pierre Boulic, Job an Irien and René Abjean

  • Kan Awen, directed by Florian Desbans, in 2014, for "Me a zavo un dourell" from Florian Desbans

  • Hekleo, directed by Gwenn an Dreo and Maela Kloareg, in 2015, for "Kan Mona" an irish traditional song with breton lyrics by Jean-Pierre Thomin.

  • Mouezh Bro Konk - Kanerien sant Meryn, directed by Jean-Yves Le Ven, in 2016, for "Nevezadur" composed by Jean-Yves Le Ven on poems by Anjela Duval. The jury also gave them a special mention for the quality of the lyrics

  • Kan Awen, in 2017, for "Truez evit ar Goulm" (Mercy for the dove), composed by Florian Desbans, and based on poems by Youenn Brusk. 

  • Kanerion an Oriant directed by Diane Regnier, in 2018, for "Kroll an dell marù" a poem by Jean-Pierre Calloc'h, music composed by Evelyne Dodeur
  • Paotred Pagan directed by Jean-Pierre Premel, in 2019, for "Ar Vered e-tal ar mor", based an Irish song "Fiddlers green" (W. Connolly) with breton lyrics by Jean-Pierre Premel and arrangements by René Abjean

To get more informations on the Championship, the rules, the music chosen by Kanomp Breizh : +336297929 or

How to apply ?

It's very easy !

You just need to get in touch with Kanomp Breizh:
06 32 29 79 29 or

A registration file will be sent to you, as well as the rules of the championship and the score of the imposed song (for the choirs applying in second category). 
You will be asked to send a 50€ check. This amount of money will be payed back to you after the championship if you do actually take part in it.  

You will be invited to attend a preparation meeting in may, where members of the jury, members of commission championaship of Kanomp Breizh would answer all your questions about the rules, the ways to assess and the course of the championship day. 

A review meeting will also be set up in september with the same people. 

Championship 2019

First category

Champion of Brittany 2019 Mouezh Paotred Breizh 16.53/20
Second Aber al Liger 14.93/20
Third Paotred Pagan 14.76/20

Second category

Champion second category  Kan ar Vro  15,86/20  Invited to go up in first category next year 
Second Kanerien Bro Lokorn  14,98/20

Third category

It is an Audition category. The choirs are neither categorized nor graded.
The children's choir Bugale Skol Diwan Landerne/Hekleo has received congratulations and cheering for their participation, as well as some advices.  
The children have been working out all scool year around with members of choir Hekleo. All together they have learnt two songs : 
Kanenn Europa and Kan ar Mein.