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Federation of breton choirs
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Federation of breton choirs

Training session Kanań e Brezhoneg 2021

This training session is opened to all chorist and will take place from 10am to 5pm on saturday october 16th 2021, at Kenleur headquatters
(1, rue de Suède, Porte Océane 56400 Auray 02 97 58 10 50).

Two workshops to choose from in the morning : workshop vocal technique (with Guy Pouliquen) or workshop language (with Alan Hervé and Jean-Pierre Thomin).
 In the afternoon : With Guy Pouliquen, will be discovered the song Red Wire 2021, Kenavo Mignoned ker

30€ the whole day, 15€ for members of Kanomp Breizh choirs.
 You can sign up by returning the form  la fiche d’inscription, with a pay check of the matching amount. 

The lunch will be taken on site. Each singer is asked to bring their own picniq.

A mask will be required to move in the rooms. Health pass will be checked 



39th Breizh a Gan

Affiche BAG 2021

Geriadurig ar Ganerien - Vocabulary for the singers New edition

Lexique des chanteurs réédition

Our Lexique des Chanteurs - Geriadurig ar Ganerien (Vocabulary for the singers)  has been successful. One year after the first publishing we already ran out of it. And while we were at printing it again, we thought it could be better if we added the few more words we had forgotten to put in the first place. These are words from the vocabulary from the singing, from the music and also from the body. Because one doesn't only sing with his voice, but with his whole body as well. In this book will be found words from singing and from life, ultimately. Here is an improved tool for the majority of the singers who happily sing in breton, but also for the musicians and all of those who ar fond of our language. Breton language is alive in the choirs belonging to Kanomp Breizh. A good part of their members love to share moments speaking in breton. And all the singers train in order to be able to sing in a correct and well pronounced language. As well as they enjoy singing the most beautifull works from celtic heritage, the choirs also create new songs based on poems discribing today's life. Respecting tradition, passing it, creating for today, here is Kanomp Breizh choirs slogan.

To order : send a 10€ check + 3€ post fees, to Kanomp Breizh with  THE PURCHASE ORDER 

Events on schedule in 2021

16/10/2021  Kanañ e Brezhoneg 
  Training session on voice and language
                    Auray (56)

05/12/2021  39th Breizh a Gan
                    Cathedral of Quimper (29)

22/05/2022  Breton singing choirs Championships
                    2nd & 3rd category
                    St Thomas' Church
                    Landerneau (29)

10/07/2022  Breton singing choirs Championships
                    2nd & 3rd category
                    St Thomas' Church
                    Landerneau (29)



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Life of our choirs


is looking for a new director. 
The choir of about 20 singers (SATB) has been founded three years ago in Rennes. 
It's goal is to sing in breton, keltik and breton songs. But the choirs is opened to everybody.
A language referent is here to help pronounce and understand correctly the lyrics.
The rehearsals take place at Cercle Celtique de Rennes, in Farm of the Harp. 
For more informations, please contact Jean-René Le Moullec 06 03 84 09 33 



Workshop choir of Centre Breton d'Art Populaire of Brest
is seeking male and female singers in every part (SATB).
From November 2nd, the rehearsals will be taking place in Espace Frezier, in Plougastel-Daoulas,
on mondays from 6.15pm to 8.15pm.
For more informations, pleace contact
 CBAP 02 98 46 05 85





singing polyphonic songs in breton, is looking for a new director. 
Rehearsals on mondays from 5.30pm to 7.00pm in Ti ar Vro, in Légué.
To know more about the post, please contact