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Kanań e brezhoneg

Kanañ e brezhoneg (Singing in breton) is a day of vocal and language training provided to the singers. It occures on an annual basis, in automn, and takes place in two parts :

- In the morning, two workshops to choose from : vocal technique (for men and women), or breton language (links, accentuation,work on lyrics of some songs)
- In the afternoon there would be either a conférence which the theme is related to singing, or traditionnal music, or our traditionnal culture; or there would be a discovery lesson on a new polyphonic song.

Asking price for the day :  20€, special offer for Kanomp Breizh and Kendalc'h members : 10€ 

atelier Helene Kervazo

atelier JC Le Ruyet

Training for choir conductor and head section

The training takes place on five days throughout the year. Days on schedule for 2020 : On saturdays, February 15th, April 11th, June 13th, September 19th, and November 14th

The instructors :
Jean-Marie Airault
, conductor of Mouezh Paotred Breizh (this choir has been four times Champion of Brittany), and of the Choir of Brittany
Ieva Gravite, music teacher, will be providing the musical accompagniement as well
Yves Clément, vocal technique teacher will lead the third day of the triaining course
During the two last days, an implementation choir will be part of the training 

The programm
Le but de ces 5 journées est définissable sous 4 axes : The aim of those five days can be defined under four angles : 

• Answer the questions, the expectations of the trainees, being either head sections aiming at getting some improvement, or singers willing to take charge of a section in their choir in order to help the conductor. Understand what each trainee is looking for in this training session, and what the choir is expecting from the people sent to the training session. Help to learn some musical theory or solfege they miss.

• Give the trainees a few basis for conducting choir sections, help them find in themselves what will give them the power to be at the head of a monophonic or polyphonic choir. 

• Provide the trainees with the experience of the instructors to let them discover their inner ressources, and be confident enough to learn how to listen and be listened. 

• Provide the trainees with a vocal technique knowledge so that they will be able to avoid some mistakes possibly damaging for the singers they will be conducting. 



Pedagogical fees

File fees

Total training course

Members of Kanomp Breizh Choirs

 10€ per training day, be 50,00€



People outside Kanomp Breizh

 20€ per training day, be 100,00€



Body and vocal technique training

Tame the use of your scores and follow the choir director better

Workshop leaded by Geneviève MARCHAND
Former lyric artist from Opera of Lyon
Singing teacher and choir director
Trained as speech therapist

Whom is it for ?  
For all singers

Aim :
This workshop will allow the chorists to understand what is written on their scores. The teaching is choosen to be in a non-intellectual and non-theoric way. On the contrary the focus is put on a practicle and concrete maner to do it.  
The exploration is done by playing, using the different senses and body moving sensations (walking, hit, launch). This way, the voice would'nt be intellectualized. The sight would be free to transform the signs of musical scripture in vocal sounds. 
When chorists manage to find themselves easily on the scores, those ones then become a true support during rehearsals and concerts, allowing a more rapid and sustainable learning. As a consequence, it becomes easier to look at  the conductor while knowing perfectly where he is on the score. The chorists don't feel lost anymore ...

A diffrerent method : 
This method uses knowledge in neurosciences based on the similarities betwen what is done by a five year old child that has to get himself into the written language after using only spoken language in his first years. Like this child, the chorist knows how to sing and to replicate the music he listens to, whithout knowing exactly what he produces.
Therefore, exercices are elaborated to build links between what is sung and the way it's written. The different stages : making clear, at first, the comprehension by touching and by earing of the melodies (going up and down on the vocal range, the rythms represented by the expression of the syllables).
And then, recognise them in the way they are written by associating each symbol with the sound it's referd to. That is the true solfeggio, as it's already teached abroad (Canada, Britain, Germany, United-States...)

Programm :

–         exercices and vocal games 
–         body percussions (very simple)
–        listening exercices 
–        logical visual execices 
On the five senses, it's only taste ans smell that would'nt be requested actually. But they may work in associations with the other senses to help memory an vocal creation. 

Schedule :
One workshop every month from 10.00am to 12.30 and from 2.00pm to 4.30, from november 2019 to march 2020.
The days : november 9th, decembrer 7th, january 11th, february 8th, march 7th.
Number of trainees : 15 max. 
Palce : Pontivy, if it's easy for most of the people registered. Othewise, the training might be relocated to be closer to the most of the trainees. 
Price : 50€ / day – 200€ the whole training of 5 days. 
Special offer for Kanomp Breizh and Kandalc'h members : 30€ / day – 100€ the whole training of 5 days

Kanań e Brezhoneg 2019

- On saturday october 19th in Plœmeur (56), in Amzer Nevez Centre

The day will be taking place from 10am to 5pm. A cup of tea or coffee will be served from 9.30am
- In the morning, two workshops to choose from : vocal technique (by Yves Clément) or breton language (by Alan Hervé and Jean-Pierre Thomin)
- In the afternoon : work all together on the shared song for 2020 :  "Diwezhañ rozenn an hañv" directed by Yves Clément

Price : 20€, only 10€ for members of Kanomp Breizh and Kendalc'h

Please registrate by the federation : 
Send the voutcher filled with your check to Kanomp Breizh
(cz/ Jean-Pierre Thomin, 200 rue de la Petite Palud 29800 Landerneau)


How to apply ?

It's very easy !

Please load the registration form, fill it, and send it accompanied with a check to Kanomp Breizh at the following address :

Kanomp Breizh
cz/ Jean-Pierre Thomin
200 rue de la Petite Palud
29800 Landerneau

Kanañ e Brezhoneg 2019

Registration form for conductor training 2020

Body and vocal technique training 2019-2020